Margaret Ingram, Instructor
Summer Camp Course

What is the Science Institute of Discovery?

The Science Institute of Discovery, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that instructor Margaret Ingram formed to inspire minority students to become more interested and involved in the field of science. In its seventeenth year of implementation, the Institute endeavors to provide opportunities to fulfill these goals during the summer term. Fifty students were able to take part in the camp this year.

The mission is to stimulate an interest in science among minority and disadvantaged children; create educational training opportunities, and to encourage a career in science to improve the student's lives and contribute to the betterment of the community.

The Camp focuses on “STEAM/STEM” subjects, learning through reviewing current technological industries as well as planning and implementing their own models. (STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.)

Ingram's classes kept the children interested and engaged by learned through classroom participation as well as on-site tours.

As students worked together to learn the basics of building projects, they also learned the value of project testing, following instructions carefully and being patient.

At the end of camp, parents and friends will be invited to an open house to view the completed projects; watch a video of camp activities and look on as the student's received their Certificates of Completion.


If you would like your student to be enrolled in next year's course,
please call our office to find out how to apply and take part.

If you would like to sponsor this valuable summer camp,
please call Peggy Gibbs, Director of Philanthropy, (772) 794-1005 ext 241